Collaborative Medical Arts
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Medical Arts

A caring and individual approach to health in the beautiful Columbia County & Berkshire region.

Our collaborative of clinicians integrates a unique blend of expertise . Our backgrounds in osteopathic, functional, anthroposophical/ homeopathic, neurology and primary care medicine  allows us to look at health from several perspectives. We strive to find an individualized approach treating medical challenges and improving overall health for the developing child and people of all ages. We also do this in a warm, professional and caring environment. 

Today the World Health Organization is adapting many of the best practices of integrative medicine and realizing that excellent medical care can be improved when we wake up tot he fact that “sustained health” is achieved when the body, mind and creative spirit are healthy together.  The goal is to treat the origins of our health challenges and make our body and mind more resilient.  This allows us to lead a better quality of life and have the vitality we need to pursue our goals in life. 

Our practitioners and therapist have dedicated themselves to cultivating the clinical expertise and deep intuitive capacities needed to work creatively with patients to achieve their fullest health potential. 



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Camphill Ghent
2542 Route 66
Chatham, NY 12037

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