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Meet Dr. J

I am excited to return to Columbia County where I first started my medical practice in 1996. I have a learned a lot since then an I am happy to bring this experience to Collaborative Medical Arts and work part-time with Kathleen Lazare D.O. and Cathy Sims O’Neil D.O. who are both excellent and caring practitioners.  

I completed my residency in Internal Medicine as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at the University of MA, in Worcester MA. I have extensively extended and bridged my knowledge of internal medicine, anthroposphic and osteopathic medicine with functional medicine, homeopathy and holistic/biological medicine. I offer traditional Osteopathic/Cranial manipulation (children and adults) as well as my own intuitive form of hands on healing. This form of work is very important to me as it is where I can put my intuitive and spiritual capacities into focus allowing  address deeper issues of healing with my patients (see website). I also, offer a great depth of experience with prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma for joint pain and injuries. Please call to see if I will be adding stem cells and prolo-zone in the near future. 

My background has given me a great deal of experience with common and rare chronic diseases, cancer support (I will be teaching and developing a mistletoe course for North America),  Lyme, autoimmune diseases, digestive, metabolic and hormonal challenges. I have worked a great deal with bio-identical thyroid and hormonal issues as well and can work with compounding pharmacies for individual needs.  While I am part time I am also available for general primary care. Many of you already know my love of medicinal plants and part of my work now is do research and education in this field.  This means there is one week each month I am likely to be away and Dr. Lazare is available to cover me during that time. 

I believe all health issues have both a spiritual and physical quality. Healing is both a listening and an active skill.  Ultimately, it I my goal to help guide that each patient becomes more and more able to maintain their own health in whatever form is possible. Our relationship is an important key to finding out what is the best way to serve your health needs.  I also understand that healing often need to involve several practitioners and co-working with other clinicians and therapists is a privilege for me and an opportunity to learn and teach from each other.  I look forward to serving this community and those who travel great distances when needed. There are many wonderful places to stay and visit in the Berkshires and Columbia County so travel often works out quite well. 

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