Collaborative Medical Arts


Rhythmical Massage

“The hands are the most formative, the most sensitive of our living tools.
They can change very much in the course of life.
Soul and spirit that permeate them in training not only form them,
but flow beyond into the world as objective power of love,
as blessing, as healing forces.”

-Dr. Margarethe Hauschka 

Rhythmical Massage Therapy as indicated by Dr. Ita Wegman is a gentle, harmonizing massage that helps awaken the self-healing forces within each individual to promote optimal health. Through specific massage movements on the body the Rhythmical Massage Therapist addresses the relationship between the body, soul and spirit by working with the life supporting forces of warmth, rhythm and breathing, the interplay of levity and gravity as well as center and periphery. 

The archetypal forms of line, circle and lemniscate are a basis for the massage movements. The selection of forms, the sequence of the treatment and the quality of touch are individualized to create a unique treatment plan for each client. Careful listening with head, heart and hands is the essential guide to the art of this work. 

Rhythmical Massage Therapy is applicable in the treatment of acute and chronic health needs. It is applied medically, as well as supportively for individual constitutions, life transitions, specific illnesses and recovery from illness. 

Rhythmical Massage Therapy can be given during pregnancy, in caring for infants and children, and in caring for elderly and individuals approaching death. 

∙ Stress and anxiety
∙ Sleep disorders
∙ Headaches and migraines
∙ Muscular tension, strain and injury
∙ Back pain
∙ Allergies
∙ Cancer
∙ Immune and auto-immune disorders
∙ ADD and ADHD
∙ Developmental disorders and disabilities
∙ Behavioral health disorders
∙ Failure to thrive
∙ Frail constitution
∙ Eating disorders
∙ Digestive disorders
∙ Hormonal imbalances associated with menstruation and menopause
∙ Degenerative disorders of the nervous system
∙ Cardiovascular disorders such as angina, hypertension and venous insufficiency
∙ Respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma

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