Collaborative Medical Arts


Bio-Identical Hormone Support and Adaptogens

Imbalances in our hormonal balance can result in many challenges such as depression symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, bladder irritability, fatigue, headaches, vaginal dryness, memory loss, and reduction of our vitality. Our practice has a great deal of experience using bio-identical hormone therapy when needed. We can work with compounding pharmacies to address imbalances related to both female and male hormones which are often produced via the multiple stressors of the modern world as well as diet and other physiological imbalances. This work also includes working with different types of thyroid preparations and more elaborate testing. Our office does offer saliva testing and blood spot testing as well as prescribing traditional blood tests. Often times adaptogens which are plant-based substances which act on hormone receptors can also be utilized instead of bio-identical hormone therapy or as transition when conditions have improved. We do have to state that some bio-identical and apoptogenic (naturopathic) therapies are not FDA approved as first line treatment.

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