Collaborative Medical Arts


Primary Care and Pediatric Care

At collaborative medical arts we treat children and adults of all ages. We care for both acute and chronic problems. 

Early childhood are deeply connected ( see our articles section: “The Foundations of Lifelong Health are Built in Early Childhood”). With the advent of epigenetics, psycho-neuroendocrinology, nutritional biochemistry and developmental neurology we are learning a lot about the triggers and causes of chronic illness. Anthroposophical and holistic medicine help us to better understand the process and connections which lie behind many chronic diseases and aging processes. 

For instance the role of fever in building our immune system can be a crucial part of building health in early childhood. At collaborative medical arts we can bridge the modern understanding of child and adult illness with the principles that are the foundation of life-long health. 

We use both conventional pharmacy as well as compounding pharmacy which we can extend with homeopathic/anthroposophic medicines , nutritional/functional medicine, osteopathy, massage, movement therapies and other modalities. We can also refer to many conventional specialists as well as integrative therapy consultants. 

It is very important to us at collaborative medical arts to continually cultivate the intuitive aspect of healing that comes from years of observation, training and interdisciplinary study. It is this aspect of our approach that allows us to treat the cause and not just the symptoms of an illness. As osteopaths for instance there is a deep knowledge of the body learned through sensitive palpation skills. Anthroposophic medicine reveals the relationship between physiological processes and medicinal substances and how they affect all aspects of health, vitality and even mental and spiritual well-being. 

Bridging the factors mentioned here allows us to provide individualized, caring and expert medical care to our patients.

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