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treating patients
as individuals

Kathleen DeRosa-Lazare, D.O.

Family Medicine

 Dr. DeRosa-Lazare D.O. offers primary care for individuals of all ages uniquely integrating conventional, anthroposophic and osteopathic medicine.  

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Dr. DeRosa-Lazare practiced as a Rhythmical Massage Therapist for 15 years before pursuing her medical degree at the University New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine. She  worked as the Medical Director at Camphill, Copake , NY for five and a half years before devoting herself fulltime to CMA.  She has certificates in Anthroposophic Medicine,  Anthroposophic Constitutional Treatment of the Child and is currently training in Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.  She offers primary care for individuals of all ages uniquely integrating conventional, anthroposophic and osteopathic medicine.  She also offers anthroposophic medicine consultations and/or osteopathic manual medicine treatments as an adjunct to your primary care.   Home visits are available for established patients unable to travel to the office.  Cancer care, chronic illness, end of life care and children’s constitutional consultations are of special interest to her. 

Dr Steven Johnson D.O.

Dr. Johnson is excited to return to Columbia County where he first started his medical practice in 1996. He has learned a lot since that time and is happy to bring that experience to Collaborative Medical Arts.

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I completed my residency in Internal Medicine as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at the University of MA, in Worcester MA. I spent a great deal of time in emergency medicine and ICU care before bridging over to anthroposophic and Integrative medicine. I have extensively extended and bridged my knowledge of internal medicine studying at several anthroposophic clinics in Germany and Sweden and also the biological Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. Also, at Wala and Weleda pharmacies in Europe. I have put these experiences together with extensive training to address many difficult chronic diseases including cancer support. I am the course director for the North American mistletoe training and have extensive experience with all forms of mistletoe and helleborus and combining these with targeted herbal, nutritional medicine including the functional testing of specific bio-markers to improve outcomes. I consult with patients all over the country for cancer support and also train other clinicians regularly. I have spent a great deal of time cultivating and foraging medicinal plants and studying the alchemical processes of medicine making. I continue to study this way even now. This has given me a deeper intuitive connection to prescribing botanical medicine to compliment the academic studies over the years. I have formulated many medicines for Uriel pharmacy and other herbal companies and treat my patients very individually when it comes to prescribing. My deep work with osteopathic medicine and cranial sacral therapy has further helped me to advance my intuitive training and ability to support patients in an individual way. I offer these modalities of care in my practice and see many patients with musculoskeletal challenges. I also offer prolotherapy and Platelet Rich plasma injections for advances degenerative joint, ligament and nerve disorders. Other common aspects of my practice include chronic heart, auto-immune, neurological, mood, allergic, gastrointestinal, lyme and endocrine disorders including hypothyroidism and hormone deficiencies. We can perform hormone testing in the office as well as testing of genetic pathways where appropriate. After 25 years of practice I have learned the value of testing when necessary but also trusting diagnostic and intuitive insights to create health and lead the body to engage its self-healing and self-regulating capacities. I will also see children for constitutional challenges but can not be their full PCP. We are also developing or capacities for Intra-venous therapies which can be helpful in difficult situations. Please feel free to email us though our website and look at the articles and services we provide. These are always evolving. We are very happy to be serving Columbia County and the Berkshire regions. There also many wonderful bed and breakfast locations nearby for those who travel longer distances to see us.  

Cathy Sims-O’Neil D.O.


Dr. Sims-O’Neil is available for neurological care and for individuals  wanting a broader treatment perspective beyond conventional neurology.

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Dr. Sims-O’Neil received her anthroposophical medical training through the English Medical Seminar in Dornach in 1991 and practiced general anthroposophical medicine in Cambridge, MA area for 12 years as a physician assistant. She then completed osteopathic medical school in Maine, a neurologic residency in Albany, NY, and a fellowship in autonomic nervous system disorders at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. In addition to co-founding Collaborative Medical Arts, she also works in school medicine at the Buffalo Waldorf School and in conventional neurology in Albany, NY. Dr. Sims-O’Neil is available for neurological care and for individuals  wanting a broader treatment perspective beyond conventional neurology.  She is the only anthroposophically trained neurologist in the US.